[K2CC] K2CC and the upcoming year

Sam Rose rosesw at clarkson.edu
Thu Aug 12 23:24:37 EDT 2010

Hello fellow K2CC members... hope all of you have been enjoying your summer!

With the fall semester about to kick off I thought I'd list out what's 
on our agenda for this year. With the approaching renovation of Moore 
House among other things, we have some unique challenges this year and 
it'll be important to hit full speed on day one.

Our first meeting will be at the usual time in the usual place - 8PM in 
the Moore House basement - on the first day of class, Monday the 23rd of 
August. There are several very urgent things we need to discuss upon 

- Garrett and I have reserved a table at the Activities Fair which will 
be on Tuesday the 24th. This gives us almost no time to prepare, so 
let's bounce around ideas on what to bring. Like usual I'll try to do a 
satellite demo during the evening. I'll need some others to help out - 
could we get some people to set up the TS-430 with some sort of antenna 
- perhaps the vertical? I'd also like to have some sort of electronics 
on display too. I'll try to have a slideshow running with photos from 
previous years just like I did last year, but my mom will have my laptop 
that week so we'll need something else. I'll be in and out as I am also 
managing the new PC gaming club's table but I'll try to concentrate on 
this since there are plenty of people to work that table.

- Rich NT2W is planning first VE session this year to be three weeks 
into the semester on Saturday, Sept. 11. I want to order Technician 
class study material as soon as absolutely possible - before the first 
meeting even if that can be arranged.

- The web server has been inaccessible for the past few days, I am 
unsure why. We'll troubleshoot that when we return. I'll be installing 
the two 250GB hard drives in RAID 1 to replace the existing drive, and 
then Garrett will be taking over I believe. The wiki will probably get 
replaced by what he is working on, or at the very least get tossed into 
the back somewhere so a proper website can take its place as the main page.

And some other stuff we'll be concerned with during the rest of the year:

- With the Moore House renovation impending, Pat has suggested that a 
successful club station move must happen this year, and I agree. We'll 
be staying in contact with the planning committee to see that the HF 
tower relocation is accommodated, but we need to start looking into new 
locations. Pat and Tyler are in contact with officials regarding this as 

- There has been interest in replacing the aging, drifty IC-761 HF base 
radio since last year's November Sweepstakes. We were planning to see 
about fitting a Yaesu FT-2000 ($2400) into our budget. However Greg and 
I see the infinitely more versatile Flex-3000 SDR as a far better 
option, and it is so much less costly then the FT-2000 that we can build 
quite a powerful computer to go with it for roughly the same price as an 
FT-2000. We will discuss this at meetings, and may delay the purchase 
and installation of this as the station move is far more important.

- Black River Stages is being held on the weekend of September 18-19 
this year, one week after the VE session. The event always needs 
operators so we'll plan to work it again. Everyone is encouraged to try 
and participate. While having a vehicle is helpful, there are plenty of 
patrol vehicles that need to be filled with hams so everyone who comes 
will be a great help. Also, anyone who has a mobile radio or mobile 
antenna, please bring it to college with you as this event is almost 
unworkable with an HT.

- IRLP has been at the repeater rack for several years but has not been 
attached to the repeater, so we ought to set that up one of these days. 
We also need some people who are good with programming the repeater to 
write good documentation for doing so (this would probably include 
KC2RGZ and N2GZ)

- Dayton Hamvention 2011 is May 20-22, 2011. I'm going to reserve a 
block of rooms in anticipation of a trip soon so we get a good price and 
a good location.

Well I'll leave it there. There are probably a few other things I forgot 
to mention. Let's discuss some of the more urgent things on this email 
reflector so we have some plans brewing when we arrive.


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