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Chiming in as a dilapidated old fart ;-) I for one enjoy reading of your ideas 
and exciting new projects (SPEED, balloon, etc.). I think that regardless of age 
you will experience naysayers from time to time. You will have to cultivate the 
skill to dissuade folks from contributing criticism that, on the whole, is not 

BTW, on the exciting project end of things, have you guys ever considered 
building your own Software Defined Radio? I am on my second one and has had 
great fun with it. 

73 and Many Thanks,
Vaughn N2BHA  (Clarkson Alum BS ECE 1984, MS ECE 1986)

 We can have facts without thinking but we cannot have thinking without facts.
-- John Dewey

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>Perhaps we should make a separate list for alumni then and disable the public 
>archives for the K2CC mailing list. Either way, I've had the list owner changed 
>from a former student to the current president, and I can request that various 
>passwords be regenerated and sent just to the officers in order to reduce 
>unnecessary former student access, if the officers feel that is necessary (I 
>The one thing I love the most about many aging ham radio operators is that they 
>are often naysayers and have unconstructive attitudes, which I find humorously 
>ironic due to their extremely constructive skills. I have some theories as to 
>why this might be the case, but I would not like to offend anybody if any of 
>them are true. What I will say is that we are a strange people when we like 
>technology handed to us and appreciate relics but find it necessary to comment 
>overly negatively on new ideas, even when they really cost nothing, are easily 
>reversible, are largely open-ended, and do not even affect the naysayer at all. 
>We could really use some more experimentation, in general---you know, trying 
>things out where we don't have all the answers, finding what works, finding what 
>fails, and finding where we can improve things. 
>If Greg wants to argue with Matt, he can do that privately (and, they are both 
>alumni, so if Greg feels Matt should disappear from the scene, then they can 
>discuss their concerns in a constructive manner). As for me, I'm a current 
>student who cannot usually make Monday night meetings, and I want to be very 
>involved with our move and other projects like the balloon (which I'm especially 
>equipped for being able to help with, along with several others---if you want to 
>know more, just ask about my recent personal projects). I would be happy with us 
>using a flash chat app that is essentially the same as a private video 
>conference call (I know of a good one for that), or Ustream, or whatever, if 
>there is interest in current students (Greg can argue with Matt about alumni 
>participating, but I don't feel most of his arguments apply to me, so even 
>though I have listened to them, I'm not avoiding my question). I think the 
>possibilit exists that other current students who are also especially equipped 
>for the balloon project would benefitp from this. If no one's interested, then 
>that's fine and I understand. If someone wouldn't mind setting that up, let me 
>know and I will look into feasible options! I would appreciate hearing from 
>current students if there is any interest or not I'm setting something up. 
>On Aug 31, 2010 6:05 AM, "Greg Zenger [N2GZ]" <n2gz at gregzenger.com> wrote:
>>The biggest issue I see with the video streaming is that it offers a bit too 
>>much transparency. Sometimes people like to [get off topic and] say things that 
>>are really only meant for the people present to hear. As far as video archives 
>>replacing written meeting minutes  (I’m not sure if it was directly expressed, 
>>but perhaps it was implied), I don’t think that is sufficient. In two minutes I 
>>can review last week’s meeting minutes, or do a text search to find something 
>>quickly.  No one wants to watch 60-90 minutes to get a quick recap.  
>> -GZ
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