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If you want a kit, I recommend you get one of the new SoftRock SDR kits 
when they are released. I think it will be very soon.  All of the old 
versions are sold out.


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Re: RE: [K2CC] First K2CC meeting

I have always wanted to build one. Are there any kits you recommend?
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Chiming in as a dilapidated old fart ;-) I for one enjoy reading of your 
ideas and exciting new projects (SPEED, balloon, etc.). I think that 
regardless of age you will experience naysayers from time to time. You 
will have to cultivate the skill to dissuade folks from contributing 
criticism that, on the whole, is not constructive.

BTW, on the exciting project end of things, have you guys ever considered 
building your own Software Defined Radio? I am on my second one and has 
had great fun with it. 

73 and Many Thanks,
Vaughn N2BHA  (Clarkson Alum BS ECE 1984, MS ECE 1986)
We can have facts without thinking but we cannot have thinking without 
-- John Dewey

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