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Hello gang-  can't believe it's almost fall again, but here we are, and
it's time to think about VE sessions for the coming academic year!

Here is the list of dates-  please mark your calendars.  The first one
is shifted a week earlier than in the past, so it's coming up quickly.


The plan at this point is to be in the TAC206 "fishbowl" as we had been
before, subject to availability.

Thanks for your assistance with this in the past- hoping to see you in


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Addendum:  I have booked TAC 206 for the first three sessions.  The
April one is more than 180 days out, so I can't book the room yet.  I
have two reminders set to book the room as it becomes open, so I'll
take care of that.

See you returning and new folks soon.
Ted, N4TW
co-advisor, K2CC

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