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Gregory M Zenger gzenger at gdeb.com
Mon Jan 20 16:03:35 EST 2014

Here are a few ideas/comments regarding #2: 

Back in the day we had plans to implement such a system, for the exact 
reasons.  A digital checkin/check out sysem served up on one of the 
comptuers should be fairly easy to implement, and there are probably 
already open source solutions that would work, though a savvy computer 
engineer could probably whip one up in a few hours. Your student IDs have 
barcodes/ magnetic stripes/ and RFID  (I think we had all 3 when I was a 
student, I presume they are all still in use)  we had a card reader at one 
point that could be used to read the cards (i dont remember if it was 
magstripe or barcode that it read). it might have been OIT property 
because the Moore House basement door had an electrical unlocking 
mechanisim that was never properly hooked up, everyone was issued BEST 
keys for the handle lock.

of course, if you forget to checkout, then someone might think you are 
there and go down to keep you company, to be disappointed... Maybe an 
always on webcam would do the trick?

Or if you have some general or extra class operators on your roster, you 
could setup control-op hours where you have a slightly more rigid schedule 
of people in the shack.


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I won't be able to make it tonight, but I have two things I'd like to 
bring up:
1. I was down in the shack on Friday and noticed the amplifier was 
unplugged. I wasn't sure if repairs had to be made or anything so I kept 
it unplugged, but I just thought I'd bring it up.

2. Maybe a project for the future, but I believe it's rather simple to 
implement. Somehow figure out a way on maybe our Web page or some location 
that tells who is in the shack and operating or just down there. For 
instance if someone wants to know if anyone is in the shack and don't feel 
like walking down (outside in the freezing cold) you can check a website 
and see "oh billy is down there. I'll head down and study for a while.
Just a thought which I think would be pretty cool. We're engineers, we 
should be able to figure it out!

~Thomas Henry

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Hello All,

There will be a meeting tonight in Graham Hall 007 at 8:00pm.

Topic Tonight:
* Rotor plate status
* Repeater changes
* Finances overview

See you tonight,
Christian Mesh
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