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Greg Zenger n2gz at gregzenger.com
Mon Nov 17 22:44:44 EST 2014

I'll toss in my two cents here, if you dont mind.

The PR781 is a great microphone... however consider the environment of the
station.. Im not sure of how things are setup now in the new station, but
back in the late 2000's there was often a lot of 'spectators' hanging
around the radio during contests. And by hanging around, I mean goofing off
and being social. A big boom mike like that is likely to pickup alot of
background noise. Not good.

I prefer to operate with a headset with a boom mic.  A headset helps put
the sound inside your head; you can hear things that you cant hear
otherwise when you are diggin' out that weak signal under all that splatter
from the guy transmitting a few kc above or below. a headset with a phase
reversal switch is nice. I use the Heil Pro Set Elite 6. Though keep in
mind Its possible to do phase reversal on any headphones if get creative
like K1JR did and build one into your favorite headphone.. A double pole
double through switch installed to reverse the polarity of one of the
speakers is all it takes.  The PowerSDR software might give an option to do
it in software... I don't remember.

The club should definitely have an adapter like the HLS-AD-1-YM.... I bet
you could build one using parts found around the shack.

This year we used both an external speaker for spectators to listen, and
had the Heil Pro Set Elite 6 for the operator... it worked well.  Going
forward, I think it might be nice to have a multi channel headphone amp to
allow additional headphones to be plugged in with independent volume

I do not recommend the Heil foot switch... I bought one once and it felt
cheap and I just didnt like it... Save up and get a a Clipper... (model
632-SC3)  Here is a decent deal.... though ive seen them cheaper at
hamfests:  http://ebay.to/1AaqcM3  Its cheaper than the Heil, and anyone
can figure out how to wire it in.  Put an RCA connector on it and plug it
into the back of the F3K.

Best of luck and 73

Greg N2GZ

On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 9:03 PM, James P. Dapp - dappjp <dappjp at clarkson.edu
> wrote:

> Hey all, some of our equipment broke this weekend and we are looking to
> buy some new gear. As for the microphone, here are a few to consider:
> http://cart.flexradio.com/Heil-PR781-Balanced-Microphone_p_21.html
> http://cart.flexradio.com/Heil-HB-1-Microphone-Boom_p_837.html
> http://cart.flexradio.com/Heil-FS-2-Dual-Foot-Switch_p_836.html
> http://www.dxengineering.com/parts/hls-ad-1-ym
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