[K2CC] Contest opportunity - free stuff for anyone who signs up

Patrick Wilbur patrick.wilbur at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 18:59:44 EDT 2017

Hey all,

My company, Hologram, in partnership with Raspberry Pi, is offering up to *200
FREE* hardware IoT + cellular hacking kits *(which include a Raspberry Pi
Zero W, Hologram Nova cellular development kit, NodeMCU wifi development
kit, and a GPS receiver)* for anyone who simply signs up for our contest


About the company:  Hologram is a cellular network and service provider for
IoT with global cellular access, where we specialize in embedded devices,
security, and software-defined networks; however, since I'm a co-founder
and I'm actually a secret open source double agent, the software and
hardware we produce is all open source and up on our Github (we are
certified by OSHWA).  We offer a free Developer Plan to support our very
large developer and hacker community, which is geared toward typical IoT
data use cases; however, *if you need more data*, all the promo codez are
belong to me, so, just reach out. :-)

Also, being that I live in Potsdam, while I can't make sure you win the
contest, I probably can answer most questions anyone would have!

Pat Wilbur

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