Please be careful to include your name in the mailing information of your Amazon purchases.

Our Shipping & Receiving department often receives packages addressed to the University but with no recipient name. With some vendors, we can call for customer information, however, we cannot get this info from Amazon.  Our only recourse is to return the package after a few days holding period.

We are currently in possession of two such packages.  Let us know if you are expecting an Amazon delivery.

So, please, in the future, if you are ordering on, include your name in the shipping information so that we can deliver your package to you.  

And, please share this information with everyone around you!

Gina LaPointe

Director of Customer Service & Process Improvement

Facilities & Services

Clarkson University

Physical location:  Old Snell

Mailing:  8 Clarkson Ave, Box 5550

Potsdam, NY 13699