Hi Sue,

It would be most appropriate if the School of Business handle the selling of these items.  I have recently posted things on Craigslist for off-campus selling and I have used General_Discussion@lists.clarkson.edu for items for University use only.  When money is exchanged, the individual simply writes a check to Clarkson University and we take the check with deposit slip to the cashier in Graham.  The items may have to be moved to another location until they sell.  Since these items have limited interest, you might want to just call around to salons in the area...I think I would consider North Country This Week, too!

Hope that helps.


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Marc Compeau mentioned that you were looking for answers on what to do with the hair equipment.  We discussed this and think that it could be sold and the money could be put back into our freshmen business account.  If you could list this the same place you listed the other Clarkson items, it would be appreciated.



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