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 (List -> Settings -> Archiving)
The archives are now fully indexed and searchable, as well as on an interface with considerably more features. Most notably, you can participate in threads from there now. This + fully indexed content means the archive is akin to a forum for your lists. Please review the archive settings of lists you moderate - ensure they are set to private if you wish to keep record but only accessible to list members. Also keep in mind that the regular posting rules (i.e. members only, members only + approval, etc) still apply to the archives interface, so setting an archive public doesn't mean you are giving the internet free reign over the list. 


Here's the public archive for to browse around in:  
Note that the default view only shows postings from the last 30 days, click the All threads button on the left side to see everything. 

Subscription management

All users can log in and change their personal preferences (either globally or for a specific list), subscribe to new lists or unsubscribe from old lists, view archives of lists they are subscribed to, create new threads, reply to existing threads, vote on entries, save things to favorites, and more. Review the useful links above for some examples.

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List administration
List owners can now more easily manage members, moderated messages, templates, and settings with the new interface. There are no more shared passwords, each individual has an account and can control everything with a single session. Simply login and select any list for which you are an administrator on the homepage.
Note that by default (and as noted under the list of lists), the homepage shows any list that you are subscribed to or an administrator of. You can view all public lists at

Feel free to respond to this thread with questions, or send the link to your list members (

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